WW Prowl. It does a body good.


War Within Prowl? Yay!

Menasor from a repainted Rodimus Prime? Boooo!

They are grasping with the repaints here.

What next. The G1 Ultra Magnus done in Diaclone Powered Convoy colors?

Now that I might buy.

Then again, I can't even find a regular G1 Ultra Magnus or BM Cheetor.


I actually dig the repaint colors of "Menasor", only they should have called him 'Nemesis Rodimus' or 'Dark Rodimus' or something like that. NOT friggin Menasor the gestalt. WTF??

And I haven't found any of the new 6' Titaniums either, still hunting for G1 Ultra Magnus, Fallen, & Sunstorm. I did get Cheetor a couple of months ago off of eBay.

I got a cheetor off the hts website a month ago. Still hunting for a G1 Magnus, WWI Magnus, and WWI Megatron.

I agree on the Naming of the Rodimus repaint... Hell I'd even settle for Motormouth since he does TF into a truck of sorts. But Menasor???

I think you guys nailed it.

A generic "Dark Rodimus" would have been a much better name. It is the Menasor name that is bothering me.

Yeah, I know the name finally saw reuse in Cybertron but most TF geeks are always going to think Stunticon combiner and NOT strange Gigantion drill thing.

Could it be that they are trying to keep the name in circulation? Although this hardly seems the best way of doing it... hmm, strange all around.

n10zguy: I think you meant MotorMaster, right?


Prowl, neat! See more I must.

(Especially his car mode.)

Ditto on the 6Ti Magnus and Rodimus too, for that matter. A good Titanium is hard to find around here...but, oh well. If I found Magnus I'd just have to justify spending the $15 on it. As yet I only have two Titaniums and both of those were bought on sale.

I don't think "Menasor" is much of a name, in G1 or here, but somebody does, and I guess I can't fault Hasbro for wanting to add somebody to the very small Prime Repaint pool.

Yeah, Titanium G1 Ultra Magnus seems super scarce ... I've barely seen him on eBay for sale. And at super mark-ups. WTF?

When the heck is the Hasbro online toyshop gonna stock him?




Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

Good one mate!

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