Toys for sale! G1 toys for sale!


So you want to buy some really fantastic G1 Transformers?

Well head on over to Gobot Suk's galleries and take a look at the crack he's got for sale.

He's a personal friend and co-worker of mine who needs to sell off his stuff. I'm don't get all wet over G1 stuff so I'm not interested at the moment.

He's the guy I bought my Fortress Maximus, G1 Scoponok, and a shit load of other stuff from.

If interested in his crack or you have any questions, you can email him at . Tell him you read about his crack at Plastic Crack!


Well now, there have been several offers for my plastic goodies.
Get 'em while they last, left overs will go to ebay

Thanks Nala for posting my gallery

Gobots Suk is an awesome, reliable, honest seller - buy from him with confidence!!

Thank you again for a smooth transaction!!!

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