My name is Balls.



Woozy sent me a link to this soon to be released comic The Incredible Change-Bots, no doubt because of my affection for the term "balls".

I even had to cut out the above panel.

It is described as...

Far away in space, there is a planet full of robots able to change from robot form to vehicle form --- the Incredible Change-Bots! Leaving their war torn planet, the Change-Bots arrive on Earth, where their battle continues -- BUT AT WHAT COST?!

Part parody, part nostalgic tribute, part moral fable - with The Incredible Change-Bots Jeffrey Brown re-invents the shape changing robot genre into a heart stopping action comedy that’s full of romance, half drama, and epic battles! The first FULL-COLOR graphic novel from Jeffrey Brown is an all-ages friendly (one guy and some robots die) immersion into sci-fi fun. -- 144 pages.

There's a few preview pages too.

It reminds me too much of the hundreds of black and white alternative press gimmick/parody comics that came out in the 80s after the first issue of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles became popular. It might have been funny 20 years ago but it is just too late for my tastes.

I wouldn't waste $15 on it but hey, no doubt somebody will. Then again, I'm trying to get rid of thousands of comics right now too.



I must have it. I will replace all knowledge of the movie in my brain with scenes from that book. At first I thought it was the guy who did Monkey vs. Robot, which was also awesome.

Oh wait, it's Jeffrey Brown. . . I've seen a few of his autobiographical strips and I doubt he'd just do a "Green-grey sponge sushi turtles."

So you just never did Indie comics at all?

Oh yes. Very much so.

I was raised on DC, some Marvel, and a variety of books from Cerebus, Comico, Dark Horse, First, Eclipse, and so many "companies" that went out of business within a few years of producing their first books.

My initial reaction to the preview was based on the fact that in the mid-80s, there was a huge black & white alternative comics press that arose and a good chunk of what I seem to still have in the recent comics sorting are all these awful parody books that came out.

I'm shocked I didn't purge this stuff years ago.

There were many "transforming robots" parodies, tons of Dark Knight and TMNT parodies and so forth.

They were all pretty much one-trick jokes but they came out and out and out for a good two year period or so.

Regardless of how good this might be, the joke and parody was done for me in the 80s so it is just dated and a bit stale to me.

What's really funny though is I may have thought differently about it if I hadn't been sorting those boxes of comics to sell.

I realized that I have a little cross-perspective on the amount of utter shit produced over the past 30 years.

The old adage is true. 90% of everything is total shit. 10% is awesome.

Just out of curiosity, when did you stop with Cerebus?

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