Jazz had better speak jive!


So this new trailer finally has more new footage.

I'm assuming the Allspark cube thingie which quickly appears and seems to be transforming and enlarging is an indicator of the Cybertronian's inherent ability to change shape.

Not that I'm mad or anything, but there goes an entire scene in Splintered where Hot Rod describes why Cybertronians can transform and change their form so easily. Hell, I even explained the Lithonians' abilities to transform as well.

Oh well. S'what I get for never finding the time to fully write Splintered anyway.

Maybe one day it will be finished.


This is a separate reality, created for the mass market of summer blockbuster dollars. I don't think there's any need to try and marry the two realities.

Unfortunately, fans will try. Just like that stupid Fox "Eye of Harmony" and "half-human" BS that now somehow is canon in the BBC-Whoniverse.

Considering the fact that it has yet to be fully resolved whether or not the G1 cartoon or comic is full canon, I'm not too worried.

Ah! But now you have to regale us! What, might I ask, was the premise detailed in Splintered? Call me curious. ^_^

Well. It is about the redemption of Rodimus Prime and also serves as a story that helps to explain some of Beast Machines.

"serves as a story that helps to explain some of Beast Machines."

If i remember rightly (I haven't read them for a while) wasn't that kinda what the Botcon comic "Enter The Wreckers" quickly explained. Where becoming a Maximal was an upgrade ???

I wouldn't know. I'm not much of a TF comics person.

I seriously doubt my approach to the thing is even remotely like a Botcon comic.

The little that Nala has explained to me is light years beyond that poorly assembled plot device.

Not a big fan of the GRC comics.

I find it ironic that after months of bitching & complaining, TF fans are excited to get the new TF movie toys that will soon be released in 2 days.


Still not a fan of the heads, but the I like the 4 I own so far.

Against my better judgement i've found that i'm actually quite taken by some of the new designs. In my opinion they're very "Transtech" looking which isn't a bad thing and everything has to move on eventually i suppose...

Picked up both the Protoforms and i like them, good sculpts, good articulation and good colour (Apart from Starscream who should have been coloured like he was on the back of the packaging)

Definitely need to pick up Voyager Blackout (Who i've really started to like) Deluxe Jazz and Barricade and Leader Class Optimus Prime (Always pick up Prime, no matter what crappy cartoon he comes from, yeah, i'm looking at you Armada/Energon/Cybertron)...

Still gonna be a cheap year for this TF collector *nods*

As far as the toys go... I think it's just worth noting that a lot of the bitching was aimed directly at the actual movie designs; with the assumption that the toys would actually be more in line with what the naysayers had in mind.

(Effectively, producing them at toy scale would force the movie characters to take on certain familiar characteristics, i.e. larger panels, blockier construction, more kibble.)

Whether or not the fans are going to be as willing to accept a beeping Bumblebee built out of scrapped Gundam internals is another matter entirely... but, alas, we get to wait and see. The reviews will be what they will be. :)

As for Splintered:

(a) Nala, *anything* has to be better than the convention comic. I understand that there are people putting their hearts and minds into it, but every year they do the same bloody thing - mash the fiction around whatever crazed exclusives they've got lined up, instead of the other way around.

(b) C'mon! I still want to know what your solution to the reformat / reconfiguration issue is. :) You don't have to share the entirety of Splintered with us just yet... I just want to know what your solution to this issue was. I bet a darn sight more thought went into it than any other part of the fiction, movie included. :)


Perhaps the arguing over the designs produced a catharsis? I know it did for me. Now I can relax and watch the whole business from my happy floating cloud of semidetachment. :D

I hear if you get the pogo stick and jump as high as you can from this cloud, aiming at the hovering candy, you can get an extra Keen!

Uh...anyway, perhaps another bit of the explanation is that the first design we ever saw was Starthing. Remember that sketch? That was a shock. And so we all argued about that apelike monstrosity. And we were told that Starscream would not be a gorilla. And it was so...no gorilla would wear that...and so forth. But after that initial shock, nothing was really much of a surprise. Irritating to some of us, but not shocking.

Incidentally, after seeing that clip of Starscream transforming, flipping, and landing, I have to say that the flip was executed with all the grace and realistic fluidity of a sailing Monty Python projectile cow. Most of the other robots are better, fortunately, and maybe this was just an animators' hiccup.

Then, as JOP said, requirements of consumer goods being what they are, the toys became quite conventional. Further submerging what weirdness still exists is an influx of recolors, very traditional Real Gear robots, and non-movie characters.

I think it was mostly the cathartic effect of Friendly Discussion, though.

Cordially yours:
Autobus Prime
w/minicon Farebox.

I am so stealing "floating cloud of semidetachment" for future reuse in conversation!

He's been watching too much Monkey!


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