Jaime's name is almost girlish isn't it?


Woozguy sent me a link to a "Who Girls" drawing.

What's really sad is I can tell you who all the girls are.

What's really great is that the artist chose to start them in black and white and then proceed to color with Liz Shaw just like it was in reality.

And note... Zoe is in her catsuit!

However, one main female companion is absent. However, I've never considered her one of the Doctor's "girls" based on the way she interacts with him. A few others aren't here but including them would be really thin in terms of "compantionship".

Who do you think is missing? (And no, I'm not counting non-televised media here!)


did you look at the other doctor art she did?

Blimey, no Barbara?

Or was it just sex-kittens/Dad totty she was dooing?


well if you read the artists comments she explains the absence of Barbara.

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