Arcee McRepaints


So the "Sector Seven" repaint of Arcee has popped up on Ebay and all I can say is that it looks good in a metallic blue.

And I think that Arcee, next to the G2 Spychangers, must be one the most repainted figures of all time.

Hell. After 3 of them at Botcon 2005, multiple Takara and Hasbro versions, and now these, Arcee will definitely give the G2 Spychangers or the Car Robots "Autobot Brothers" a run for the repaint money.


Sounds like she's neck and neck with the Combaticons. I do wish they'd retooled her though; it's a good choice of alt. for Arcee, but the Energon Star and those weird stubby arms don't do it for me.

I usualy make it a personal rule to only ever buy one version of any mold, unless there's some serious retooling going on. Today I broke my own cardinal rule. I had the metalic blue version of Energon Arcee for a while now, and never quite liked her color scheme, so i broke down and picked up the pink and white version at a Family Dollar for $5. Strangely, im angry at myself for buying two of the same toy, yet glad i've got the more acurate pink and white one.

Oh Nala, i fear im falling into the throes of plastic crack addiction.

However, i was able to pass up $2 spychanger repaints the same day, so there may be hope for me yet.

Passing up Family Dollar exclusives???

Are you mad man!??!!?!

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