6" Titanium Beast Machines Cheetor


6" Titanium Cheetor (cat mode)

Wow! He's a really good figure. Quite possibly one of the best representations of Beast Machines Cheetor around.

No complaints here.

He'll be going to my new office at work. I'm decorating with 6" Titaniums!

Titanium Cheetor is the 1865th Transformer that I've acquired.


Well, it isn't as though he had that much competition from the previous Cheetors.

Now if we could only get a Jetstorm that actually looks like Jetstorm. . .

I just opened my Cheetor today and concur that he rocks it very righteously. Beautiful sculpt and pain apps. My small collection of 6" TFs are here at my work desk but I'm bringing Cheetor home so I can admire him all weekend!! The sales brochure packed in the box noted upcoming 6" titaniums of Primal Prime (I'ld prefer transmetal optimus) and Grimlock (could be great).

Nala: Beast Wars Transmetal Cheetor is a pretty sweet mold too! I picked one up after seeing your pic of it in a previous blog post.

Rich: Yeah, Titanium Cheetor is DA BOMB!!

I had no idea they were making a Titanium Grimlock, really????

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