Takara Beast Wars Reborn Beast Convoy and Beast Megatron


Takara Beast Wars Reborn Beast Convoy and Beast Megatron

These boys rock!

I dropped $100 on them only to come back to Cowtown and see this news.

Of course, Hasbro can never remotely package something as beautiful as Takara did with these guys.

None of my photos really come out due to the cellophane and my lack of studio lights.

Numbers in Collection: 1617-1618

The retooled and repainted Beast Megatron is fantastic.

Takara Beast Wars Reborn Megatron

Gone is that horrible mouthy-toothy grimace and in is this beautiful totally in-character smirk.

I love it!


Yeah, it's kind of a kick in the pants that Hasbro's bringing the set over but I'm still glad I picked them up, even if just to avoid the hideous Bat-head effect that the old Megs gave off. I also like how they gave the eyes the fade instead of just doing them in solid colors-it wouldn't have looked right at all. My one complaint is that they should have included the duck.

Takara made such an improvement here. It is the little things that count.

And yes. We all NEED a small duck!

I think I'll start looking for tiny rubber ducks.

Also, I may be able to convert some Homies into the proto-humans on the show. They are the right size.

That'd work.

Megatron:yeeesss,i finally have my duckie again,wait a fuck,how am i supposed to hold it without articulated fingers? NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

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