So much travelling. So little new crack.


So if you didn't know I'm not in Cowtown this weekend. I'm actually in Glass City visiting my family.

I decided to do a little geek running while I'm here in the hopes of finding new stuff. I even have been hitting "ghetto" stores that one would normally not think about in hopes of finding new tfs.

I've hit hit 3 ToysRUs, 3 WalMarts, 3 Targets. 2 Meijers, and about 3 KMarts and have found practically zilch.

I was so hoping to find the major new crack I needed but there's just no Alt Mirages, Camshafts, Menasors, or QuickMixes to be found.

I did end up with a Legends of Cybertron Sunstorm, Legends of Cybertron Excellion (Hot Shot), and a 3" Titanium Ark.

That's pretty slim pick'ns.

Giga emailed me that he found me the 6" Titanium Megatron and 6" Titanium Prime which is cool. I don't think they've hit Glass City at all.

Oh. And James. I snagged an original Recon Minicon Team if you want it.


Wouldn't a Titanium Arc be like, "Metal Crack" or something?

Thanks alot i'll take it i owe you one if i come accross anything i let you know

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