On the road to Iacon One and Fort Wayne...

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On the road to Iacon One

So as you can probably tell from from a ton of my posts today I ended up going to the Iacon One convention this weekend in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Evebird, Mr. N., and Giga and I trekked there in the Evewagon and it wasn't too bad of a trip. Getting there seemed to go by pretty fast actually and Fort Wayne is about right on the edge of the distance I can tolerate riding in a car at any given time.

The trip was good. The con?

The con was a little less than I expected. But with that said, I didn't have any real expectations going in.

I was excited about how professionally it was run compared to say even Fun Publication's Botcon. The mere fact I could register online and easily navigate their website was a plus beyond all belief. (Botcon was run well but their website really needs a web designer and a vision.)

The Dealer Room -

As a toy collector, I'm afraid to say I was a bit dissapointed.

I'm on the very periphery of Transformers fandom and I'm really only into the toys. Being in my mid-30s also tends to put me at the high-end age range of collectors for this brand of toys and for me, the toys is where it is at.

I'm not one for the comics all that much. I'm not one to sit through fan comedy dubbing panels. I'm not one to sit through a voice actor panel for the 10th time. I'm not one for autographs. I'm not a gamer. I rarely go on TF-related message boards and debate or argue about pieces of plastic. I don't care that there's a Transformers movie coming out.

I'm pretty much a peripheral fan I suppose and I know that tends to guide me in Transformers-related things.

Toywise, there just weren't enough dealers there to provide me with anything that I really needed. And like I said. It is about the toys for me.

There weren't any "deals" per se to be had from what I could see with most of the few online vendors there selling their wares for the same prices I'd pay online. The few dealers I did ask to knock even $5 off asking prices wouldn't budge and I'm pretty strong on what value I place on plastic crack so I won't pay more than certain prices.

Of course, some dealers had some great stuff but it wasn't crack I needed. I almost dropped $300 on a Star Saber and $250 on a Victory Leo but I managed to hold back.

I did take a certain amount of satisfaction in buying a Botcon 2002 Catscan from one dealer. The guy next to him had it at $55 and all I would pay for it was $50. That's all it is worth to me.

The $55 dealer wouldn't knock off $5 so I put it back.

Right next to him I found it for $50 and forked over my cash on the spot.

There was a certain karmic moment in that for me. I value the limits I self-impose on myself for what I will and will not spend.

I'll gladly buy from dealers willing to negotiate a few bucks here and there and will support the ones that do. I mean, let's face it. This is on par with a drug addiction for me. If the dealer sweetens the opportunity for the high then I'll gladly supply the revenue stream.

The panels, dinner, and other stuff -

Like I mentioned above, I'm in it for the toys.

I really can't get into the peripheral stuff so I'm sure it was fun for those who like that. (Well. Maybe..)

I did walk through the art room. Some of it seemed familiar so I'm pretty sure it was repeat materials from other cons or things I may have seen online. Someday I need to buy that Metrotitan custom PVC. It'd look good in the stairwell with the late G1 stuff.

Iacon One - Custom of KranixI was majorly bowled over by one art submission of Kranix with two Lithone children being attacked by Shartikons. This piece (to the left) was really fantastic! I didn't catch the creator's name but I'd even be proud to own these pieces! Fantastic work! Really really great!

The souvenir set -

Iacon One Souvenier SetThe guys at Iacon One need to be commended on fantastic little accessory set here.

Creating the golden disks from Beast Wars was a perfect item. It ties nicely into the 10th anniversary of Beast Wars as well as with the forthcoming Botcon Beast Wars themed items.

And really, at $20 these are perfectly priced.

Kudos to the people at Iacon One for this great set!

Fort Wayne -

Surprisingly, the best part of the day had nothing to do with Transformers or the con.

Looking for lunch, we wanted something more than fast food.

I asked the visitor's bureau about restaurants within walking distance and the visitor chick sent us to Dash-In two blocks away.

My karma must be good right now because it was Polish Day at Dash-In!!! Yes!!! Polish Day!!!

It was Polish Day at the Dash-In!!! I was so frigg'n happy!

Look at that menu (above). I can't begin to convey how fantastic it was to go out for lunch and find an all Polish cuisine menu!!!

We all had the combo plates and it was all fantastic.

Overall -

Here's hoping that Iacon One grows and grows and that more dealers attend and more people too!

I don't know what their attendee rate was but I'd have to say, from the 4 or so hours we where there on Saturday, it had to be a little less than they hoped for. We did come and go though, having gone out to eat briefly.

Some dealers even looked like they hadn't moved much merchandise either but that may have been because they weren't willing to haggle on price. I'm not sure though.

I'll definitely head back again in the hopes of more dealers popping up. Hell, I could probably fill one or two tables myself from the Attic of Love too.

Here's hoping gasoline doesn't go to $4 a gallon next year or that would definitely keep me from going.

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