Iacon One is just around the corner.


Wow. In a couple days I'll be off to Iacon One.

The plan is pretty much to make a day trip of it.

Fort Wayne is about 3 hours from Cowtown so we can make it there and back with ease. We'll only be doing Saturday and pretty much only going for the dealer room.

I gotta admit I find it harder and harder to sit through panels these days and pretty much like about 5 passes through the dealer room and then calling it quits.

I don't have it in me to sit through panels anymore.

I never really did though.

I'd imagine it has a lot to do with the fact that convention panels are pretty much identical year in and year out. Sure there may be different guests but on the whole every single possible question has been asked of them. Truthfully, I'd rather have a beer or two with a voice actor and shoot the shit than have to sit through a panel with them being asked to do the same shit every year.

If he's free I suppose I should try an commission a piece from David Willis. I probably could do that via email though.

I'd really like a full color G1 Shockwave done in his Shortpacked! style.

You may recall I bought some of his original art for Giga last year and those turned out beautiful once I mounted them and framed them.

Since I took off work tomorrow I plan on working up here in the Attic of Love and trying to clean up the general mess it has become. Gotta do a minor water change in Number Six's tank too.

I'm due for a new complete photo gallery of the Attic. I should get one in prior to the summer cons.


I've never been to a con' but im sure the panels could be lame. the only one i would sit through would be the "Thought creation process" of how the make Tf's so i can slap the person who said lets take a cool g1 sideswipe and make him a lame car with boxing glove action, or all the bike bots, and lastly the jack ass who said beastwars fuzors are a good idea

The panels aren't lame in and of themselves. And for someone going for a first time I think they'd be great.

However, the 3rd, 4th, 5th, saw it on video, 6th, time they get old.

Especially when you begin to recognize other TF fans/collectors often asking the same questions over and over.

And you can knock on all fuzors except for Silverbolt.

Out of all of the lame fuzors he was pretty good. Then again, he was also in the animated series and ended up being a well done and fun character so I hold a place in my heart for him.

Quickstrike? You can take 'im. And that hammerhead shark/bird monstrosity!

You should, if you could, drive down to Iacon One.

It is about 4 hours from here but I really gotta support the small local cons if they are within my driving tolerance.

I hear ya' i mainly meant the fuzors that had 2 beast modes like the one called soundwave and was a bat to a gator. i like the homage name things but save it for a better figure thats like taking a turd and putting febreeze on it

Silverbolt was well designed and wasn't that outlandish an idea. Just a flying dog. And really, light years ahead of his Beast Machines counterpart.

But the other fuzors, sheesh. . . I was waiting for a pitched battle in Furman's BW series where Noctorro and Torca finally face off:

"No, I'M the ultimate proof that God hates us and wants us to suffer!"
"No, I'M the idea that the designers had NO FUCKING IDEA what to do after the second wave!"

Why were fuzors even necessary? I mean, the Universe pretty much trumped any idea you might have with the duck billed platypus. . . and I was always pretty disappointed they didn't try more marsupials, anyway.

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