Iacon One Beast Wars Souvenier Set


Iacon One Souvenier Set

I picked up the Beast Wars souvenir set at Iacon One too.

I gotta admit for something so simple I really do like them.

It is great that they did their souvenir set so that it relates somewhat to Botcon 2006's Beast Wars set yet is something never released before by Hasbro or Takara.


Luckily JRS Toyworld has a few of these in stock. . . and now that I have a complete Beast Wars set I NEEDS THEM.

Also, the $20 and Primus box should be in transit later this week. . .

I would have picked up a set for you if you had asked.

I got one for Jeremy.

Awful kind of you, but you were already picking me up a botcon set, and I wasn't sure of the availability of the set if you weren't a registrant.

I'm getting a set, it's all good.

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