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Doing a refresh of the site design sorta-kinda got me excited about Transformers again.

That's so bizarre isn't it?

I mean. Really. I don't need any more plastic crack crap at all. The Attic is filled with enough shit that if the house caught fire, the flames wouldn't be the real dangee... the molten plastic "lava" flow and toxic plastic fumes would be! The plastic would run down the stairwell and out the windows in an orgy of oozey mish-mashed colors.

I'm thinking that I should at least spend Saturday and maybe Sunday cleaning the space. I've got to get rid of more clothes and the Aquarium of Love needs an algae cleaning again. Thankfully the computer back-up is done.

And taxes! I still need to do my taxes!

Ok. My mind is wandering.

File this entry under "totally miscellaneous rambling".

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Yeah, half my meager return went to some Beast Wars Neo toys. . . but Longrack was totally worth it, (he's got missile launching giraffe knees!) and Heinlad replaces my nonfunctioning alarm clock.

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