Megalo Convoy never looked so good!


Reignfire's awesome photos!Reignfire does it again!

This pic of Galaxy Force Megalo Convoy is one of the single best toy photographs I've ever seen.

He actually creates the illusion of mass by this photo angle!!!

His photos may just sell me on the Canon Digital IXUS 40 camera. Beats to hell and back my ancient and craptastic Olympus 2020Z.


Kinda reminds me of that shot of Giant Man from Alex Ross/Kurt Busiek's Marvels series.


Yeah! The one with Giant Man reflected in the lens of the camera!

Reignfire is da bomb when it comes to TF photography!

While I like Remy's stuff, Reignfire really gives character and personality to plastic that I've rarely ever seen with toy photography!

*takes a bow* :D

Man... your shit doesn't smell when it comes to Transformer toy photography! =)

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