Cybertron Downshift


Cybertron Downshift

Finally found a Downshift.

With the attic in such disarray I'll doubt I'll open any more figures until things get cleaned up and reorganized.

Number in Collection: 1541


OK, this one's making me jealous. I want one, but we haven't had any new TFs show up since the Armada remolds out Buffalo way.


Hell. I didn't expect to find them either.

I just happened to be at Target and there they were.

I haven't seen them at any other stores, though apparently they've been in Cowtown for a while.

And yes, Armada remolds are clogging the shelves with the same old Cybertron Landmines that have been there forever.

Crack that puppy open already...that vinyl covered roof needs to breathe.

Maybe this weekend.

I really need to clean up the attic first before I take any more toys out of the package.

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