Behold! War Within Jetfire!!!

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I'm actually getting excited about future TF-related releases.

What's up with that???


Big Bad Toy Store has listed some of the forthcoming 6" die-cast Transformers and War Within Jetfire is awesome!

It is pretty much based on Don Figueroa's designs from Dreamwave's Transformers: War Within series and rocks my lame world.

Jetfire has a Macrossy feel to him like the original toy (of course) yet he's got a Gundam vibe going on too.

I love it.

Quite frankly, I don't need full-size Transforming toys to make me happy.

I love the small 3" non-transforming PVCs released a few years ago and the Takara Robot Masters size figures, as long as they are decent, are fine with me.

03-09-06-thundercracker.jpgNow the War Within Thundercracker is pretty cool too but that design has already been done (more or less) with Galaxy Force Starscream.

Still. I know I'll buy this and the inevitable War Within Skywarp and Sunstorm repaints. I am definitely the lame like that.

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