Balls. Be sucked!


One would think that the US, being one lame ass geek market, wouldn't seem to be on the bottom of the barrel when it comes to videos and shows that never aired here. Especially when they are of a geek flavor.

Case in point: The forthcoming UK released of Transformers: Super God Masterforce.

I am going bonkers wanting to see decent video and have the thing subtitled! Supposedly the English dub is also not the horrible Japanese dub as well.

I so want to see Ginrai, Shuta, Minerva, and the rest and for some reason I suspect this will never be released here.

So. Where do I get one of these damn region-less players again? Grrrrr....


Go to for your TF viewing pleasures. They've done fansubs of Masterforce, Superlink, and Galaxy Force. They are currently working on Headmasters and Victory. All are subbed and all are great quality.

I've downloaded there from time to time but there's nothing quite like having it on a non-burned DVD for me.

My frustration is really in understanding why the a Region 2 would be done by not a Region 1.

Things like these practically 20 year old cartoons should be on Region free DVDs. The market is so niche for this stuff there's no point in try to do region encoding and separate marketing for these.

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