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Yay! Giga, whilst out at a conference in the deep creepy recesses of the Southern Cowlands, found me a Dark Crumplezone and Cybertron Defense Scattorshot!

All kinds of new crack today!

I was on the fence about the Crumplezone retool but I've been looking all over for the new Scattorshot!



These are some really solid, fun toys.

If you have a broad Transformers collection, you can really appreciate what they are going for with Cybertron/Galaxy Force--They are essentially revisiting every concept of the last 20+ years (Earth Modes, Futuristic Modes, Beasts, Master/Minicon Partners, etc.) to deliver the definitive TF toy line, a great mix of homages and new characters, and capping it off with Primus.

This really is becoming the best TF line ever.

Oh. I'd say it is fairly broad, though that gallery is dated by 13 months.

I get what you mean though.

But as usual, I'm seeing that the later released stuff is superior to the initial stuff.

I'm sorta-kinda upset that Cybertron Defense Hotshot is so small compared to the other "defense" figures. He really should have been on par with them but hey, I'm not Hasbro.


I still think if I were to scrap my collection tomorrow except for one toyline, BT/Alts would be the one I'd hold on to. They're the toys I should have had as a kid, not that I would have been able to transform half of them. But I agree that GF/Cybertron has been excellent at taking cues from every previous era of TFs while maintaining its own sense of identity as a toyline. (Does that even make sense?) The force chips are a little obnoxious, but other than that I have no complaints. Of course, after Armada and Energon Hasbro and Takara needed to reassure us they could still do good work.

And having found a Downshift I can now appreciate your love for the mold.

Hey- I wasn't impugning your collection- I've seen the numbers! Was just speaking generally.

I think on an individual basis most of the Alts are marvelous, but collectively, as a toyline, I think they have some flaws (lack of variety, reliance on repaints, and the "wow, this is more frustrating than it is fun" factor).

Unfortunately, the Binaltech and Alternators lines have become exactly stuck in "lack of variety and reliance on repaints" to try and get a substantial return on investmenet.

On the whole, I can handle a repaint or two if they are done drastic enough for me to look at the figures from across my Attic and say "Yup! Those look like different toys. I'd say that the BTA-01 Alert figure and the Richochet repaint, all basically from the Subaru Impreza mold fit that level of "drasticness" I'm talking about. But it is purely due to the drastically different color schemes too.

Why Takara released 3 versions of Binaltech Smokescreen (original BT-01 and then the 2 minor variants) is totally beyond me.

And I also totally agree that the "fun" factor is not there with these toys. I find them to be such pains in the asses in terms of transformation that it does take the fun out of it. I don't know how a kid would do some of these.

It also doesn't help that the "feet" on some, such as Broadblast, are so weak that making him stand up is proving to be a challenge for me.

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