He's very space-shuttley this time around.


Hasbro Reissue AstrotrainAn email from Frowny McBeard caused me to break down yesterday and purchase Hasbro's reissue Astrotrain.

I kind of went against my usual personal rules about paying full price for something and what I consider exorbitant shipping and handling. While laying in bed last night I was informed that Evebird was wanting to know if I wanted to go in on an order to save on s/h but unfortunately I had already placed mine hours earlier.

It really isn't technically a reissue either.

I mean, Hasbro has never released this mold in this specific color palette and detail before so I don't think one can call this a reissue. If they'd have done Astrotrain like his original release I think it would be considered a reissue..

I kind of wish they'd done the e-hobby actual anime color release which resembled the cartoon Astrotrain more than any previous release.

Oh well.

Hasbro has always had some kind of psychological barrier against show color accuracy when they choose the color palette for the figures.


At least they didn't pull their usual SNATCH crap and try to say he's a new character called "Locoshuttle" or something equally as lame.

I may need to work Locoshuttle into a fan fic.

SNATCH. I forgot about that.

Locoshuttle. He's car-ayzee!

He could be Cosmos's crayzee/eeevil brother.

Which would explain the whole "Cosmos has a Mexican accent" thing.

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