Cybertron Evac


Cybertron Evac

Droooool-worthy. That's something you don't see me say often about Transformers anymore.

I finally found a Cybertron Evac this morning and I am so so so so so so so happy.

Evac is the proverbial "bomb" for me.

I loe his color palette. I love his transformation. I love his bot mode even with the winch and blades hanging off of his arms. I love him.

His alt modes rear prop makes an excellent set of "wings" when in bot mode.

His force chip gimmick is pretty much hidden and with the chip inserted doesn't totally activate the missile launchers.

All in all... he is a 100 outta 100 in my book. And that's something very rare for me.

In other words... Evac is totally erect!

Number in Collection: 1486


I gave him 8.3/10. He's got some problems- notably the hole through his side in Helicopter mode and that gigantic boxy winch on his side. Overall he's very good though- near the top of the Cybertron releases.

Love the site, and I feel your pain.

- A fellow addict

Out of Cybertron and Energon, this has to be my favorite toy. By far.

He's gorgeous.

But the bad Japanese cartoon (remember, there was a time before the word anime was common parlance) loving five year old in me still likes Sonic Convoy best. He looks like something out of Voltron or Starblazers.

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