CostCo 2005 Exclusive Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime


Costco Exclusive Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime

Thanks go out to M down in Hurricaneville who snagged me a CostCo 2006 Exclusive Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime Giftset.

Of course, these two bots are two of my all time favorite TF molds ever, originally God Magnus and Super Fire Convoy from Car Robots back in 2000.

And yes, I do own 9 versions of the same basic bots... but as Waylon Smithers said about the 200th Malibu Stacy reissue..."But she's got a new hat!!!!

Number in Collection: 1480, 1481


Yep, Omega Beta Theta Prime sure does rule, but I've always thought they made UM too leggy. Like a Rockette.

And why did they use a pic of Cybertron Prime? They look nothing alike. (Outside of the whole "homage to G1 Prime" thing 90% of the Primes have going on.)

They didn't have to commission new art.

I'm getting my lighter fliud and matches ready.
1500 by the end of the year is quickly approaching.
You promised a bonfire of plastic crack if you did!

And I'll be on hand to cry a single tear, like that Indian Chief and the littering.

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