Alternator Skids


Alternator Skids


What a plastic cracky week!

I found Alternator Skids at a Target we rarely frequent. Yay!

Yeah. I don't care about him since Hasbro, with always the best thoughts of the collector at heart, choose to do the Alternator Skids in a totally non-homage color scheme and put hideous ugly flames on a frigg'n Scion. Ugh!

Thankfully Takara has released Skids with his original blue/red coloring so I'll be snagging him for my "official" Skids.

And for those on the look out, there are now tons of Prowls, Tracks, and Sunstreakers all around the Cowlands.

Numbers in Collection: 1522


Do you think they'll make a Ironhide repaint because the g1 toy were crappy looking and i cant get my hands on the botcon ironhide sigh i need a friend who go's to the show

That would be the most logical repaint out of this mold. I remember when unpainted photos were leaked it seemed this would be Ironhide (due to the head).

Botcon Ironhide is kinda of meh. I liked the Ratchet better. Something about the way he looks in white was more appealing.

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