Introducing... the Transformer Victim.


I've decided that there are at least 4 types of Transformer fans. Perhaps more. But I will need to do more long term critical analysis on the subject.

I can definitely attest that there are the hardcore TF Fans, the nominal TF Fans, the occasional TF Fan, and I've decided based of reading TF message boards that there are the TF Victims.

Yes. The Victims appear to have real problems with both the collecting life and their real lives.

More later.

Just needed to announce this for posterity.

You heard it here first!

[Note: Of course, every "geekdom" has its victims. Every sport fan has its victims. This isn't anything new mind you. But I so want to turn the eyes of an anthropologist onto the subject. But by doing so, do I become a the fifth class of fan: the Super Loser TF Fan? There is no such thing as an impartial objective observation because the mere existence of the the observer and his/her actions affects the observed. And with TF fans, the laws of physics then break down and chaos unfolds in... well... a chaotic fashion.]



I guess I am the nominal TF Fan. To the outside world I probably look like the hardcore fan, but after seeing a true hardcore fan, I declare that I am just nominal. And I'm alright with that.

Actually, you have just described one of the key elements.

The actual fans themselves would be seen in very different viewpoints from the way an outsider would view them.

People visit the Attic of Love and do the "jaw drop thing" thinking that it is crazy when in reality it is a very mild manifestation of TF collecting and fandom.

I'd imagine the superloser is the kind who talks proudly about how much he saves by not wearing deodorant.

And the victim is the pathological collector? "Can't stop now, gotta get Defensor's left chest piece!!! Who cares if I eat? It must be done!!!!"?

Actually Evebird and I discussed this at lunch and the Victim to me is the classification of the people who feel as if Hasbro and Master Collector (or other) are out to get them and that they bitch about it on online message boards.

Hmmm. . . that qualifies as some kind of mental disorder in my book. I can't say anything about these people that Bart didn't say to comic book guy in the Poochie episode.

To quote Tim Leary (in a Revolting Cocks Song. . . ):
"You love being a victim! You love the United States prime time victim show!"

Of course, I'll remind everyone by this point Tim's brains were pretty much fried. . .

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