Because I am the lame.



4 of each Vehicon drone?

Are you building dioramas or something?

Only for my Beast Machines/Beast Wars Returns shelves. I kind of like the "drone army" aspect of these 3 guys.

Probably won't do it for Strika or Obsidian though.

Is that Lio Convoy the normal one? Or one of the limited release colors? I thought I saw some of the normal ones at the Con and they weren't that badly priced.

Yeah. I eventually want to get the "dark" one too but I just need a normal one for now.

As in dark do you mean the Purple one? I saw one at the Japanese guy's booth and I don't remember the price but I believe that it was more than I make in one paycheck. I know there was also the sparkly one. Was there a black version? Other than the Robot Master?

Yeah. The purple one. It is some Takara con exclusive or somesuch.

I think there is a knock-off black one.

Giga found me a really horrible Chinese knock-off made of super cheap plastic that is green and yellow with glitter in the mane. Totally horrible. I mean $3.98 green-blue plaid shirt horrible.

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