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October 30, 2005 - Alternator Prowl

Holy Shit!!! Giga totally blew me away tonight because he found me an Alternator Prowl at the ToysRUs thing I blogged about earlier.

Prowl is like one of the hardest damn figures to find and few have popped up in the Cowlands. For one of have been acquired is like panties moistening goodness.

Woot!!! I've been looking for him for ages with no luck. Hell. My life has been like a Shortpacked comic strip.

You know it is crazy when the quest of find a frigg'n Alternator becomes a 3 part comic strip.

Alas, we are the addicted.

What's even more bizarre is that Prowl wasn't on a the shelf. Giga and Evebird had gone through all the TF plastic crack and there was nothing. Since they needed a cart for other stuff Giga headed up back to the front of the store and after he got the cart he saw Prowl sitting in what looked like a return bin waiting ot be put back on the shelf.

And he snagged him for me!!!

Number in Collection: 1464.

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