Yay! But where are the train bots?

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I'm very happy that Hasbro will be releasing the early 90s Takara Micromaster combiner Sixwing in an homage to G1 Superion but this definitely has confirmed to me that Hasbro has only a core group of names that they are actively maintaining.

Ro-Tor? Storm Jet? These are RID and Beast Machine names. And Decepticon names at that!

Either I'm assuming that they've officially lost Slingshot, Vortex, Blast-Off, Onslaught, Blades, and probably a lot of the Technobot and Terrorcon names since none of them have really seen reuse since the early 90s.


Terrorcons is a great name as is Abominus and so many of the component bots.

But... dare I say it... it may be time to let the names Prowl and Hot Shot take a long nap.

Ok. Now where is Sixtrain's US release?!?!

And I've known Takara was going to re-issue G1 Galvatron for some time and had no excitement over it.

Galvatron is one of the worst designed figures ever and looked nothing like his animation model sheet counterpart.

Well Takara is trying to fix that by making him movie accurate colored and tweaking the mold. Unfortunately, it still doesn't do much for me and suffers from the general poor design of so many Season 3 and beyond figures.

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