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08-07-05-gf.jpgSo according to a post over at the TFW2005 boards somehow the original Convoy (Optimus Prime), Rodimus Convoy (Rodimus Prime), Ultra Magnus, and Jazz (for some reason) will make an appearance in a forthcoming episode of Galaxy Force and they are referred to as "ancient Transformers".

I certainly hope the characters from the 80s are not directly tied to the current series. It just wouldn't feel right. (And of course once Voicebox dubs this into Cybertron it'll be blemished forever.)

If indeed they do appear then I am proposing that Super God Fire Convoy (from Car Robots) breaks through the space-time continuum from a parallel universe and with the power of the Master Sword kicks every body's ass from G1 to Energon, all while Sky-Byte is making haikus of the battle.

Then again, that's just me.

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What confuses me is that they say that all this happens after a period of peace on Cybertron.

Which would be continuous with the American storyline (where there is a Golden Age on Cybertron post-Rebirth) but not the Japanese one (Where Convoy dies almost immediately into the start of Headmasters.) And besides, that all happened on modern day Earth, or close to it. So apparently that Ice Age they've been warning us about comes, and human society returns to the point it was that the Transformers came the first time when they come a second time.

And they wonder why Philip K. Dick went insane and thought a pink laser from space was talking to him.

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