Skyfall arrived and Nala was not impressed.


The 2005 Collectors' Club Exclusive

So my Transformers Collectors' Club exclusive figure Skyfall arrived.

Quite frankly there's nothing to get excited about here. While I like the use of translucent plastics to evoke a specific "effect", like the 2000 Osaka Toy Show Car Robot Brothers, this just looks cheap to me.

I can't say I'm a fan of a combiner exclusive either. I mean... I have to wait 4 more frigg'n years to finish the damn figure! That like... how does one say... um... sucks the balls plastic!


Wow. If you have to wait five years for a "ghost" of the "other" Superion from Energon, for $40 a year. . . just wow. Are you going to keep waiting, or has this pretty much killed your interest? 'Cause this is a great way to piss the whole fanbase off. . .

Well. My interest has waned big time.

I have really no interest in the Cybertron figures that I haven't already purchased from Galaxy Force (and that is only 2), the new IDG comic has absolutely no interest for me, and I think as a whole I'm sick of the clutter that collecting toys brings.

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