Mr. E. sent me this news article from that was welcome news on the animated TF front.

"'Transformers The Movie - Reconstructed' will be released on 29th August 2005. We're going back to the original picture negative and doing a brand new telecine. It will be 16:9 Widesceen Anamorphic, but will have curtains as the viewable image is 1.33:1 and 1.78:1 and it changes scene by scene. We wanted to give the fans the maximum possible Transformer image. Everything the laminators drew will be visible and this will be the first time anyone, anywhere would have seen the whole movie in its original form. It should be quite something".

"'Transformers Takara Headmasters' will be released in a 4 disc box set on 26th September. This will have brand new English subtitles and the original English dub so you can watch it in whatever way you want."

Ok. The movie thing is cool but really it no big deal. So you see tiny bits of bleed off of the sides of the screen. So what. All film animation has this though it doesn't really exist anymore due to computer-assisted camera work.

And while they may market it as "cool" it is more than likely due to the fact that different groups were farmed out parts of the movie (hence why the animation style is all over the place) and their camera equipment was different for their in-house methodolgy.

But what is really cool news is the region 0 sub-titled Transformers: Headmasters release. That is frigg'n fantastic!!!

The horrible version available in bootlegs of the Hong Kong English dub is a nightmare to watch and this DVD is a welcome thing indeed.

Headmasters's isn't all that great mind you. It is a Japanese-produced but heavily American-styled which is kinda meh.

Now if they somehow can do this for Transformers: Ch�jin Master Force and Transformers: Victory I will have the moistest panties in the world. Specially to see Star Saber all crystal clear and not all shitty.


I'll take it over Nebulos any day!

PS Where's RID on DVD?!!

The only good thing I have to say about the dub is that it had some wonderfully funny moments, like when Wheelie said to Danny "You really know how to please me." Or Sixshot's job description as a "Ninja Consultant." Or that goatfucking kid, and how concerned everyone was over saving the goatfucker.

Even with the bad dub Sixshot was one of the best characters that the series ever produced. I will definitely be getting my hands on the Headmaster set.

Oh. I want to do a kitbash/custom to enter at Botcon of Billie, Sparkle, and Wally.

Hell. The should do something like that as a PVC exclusive or something for the con.

I personally eat this kind of "making fun of the geekness" shit up.

I think a lot of fans would too.

Then again, in all of the horridness, I can't say for certain if the bad dub of Galvatron is any worse than what Frank Welker did with the character.

Poor Megatron. I so badly hate that you've been shackled with the Galvatron crap.

Didn't Metroplex have a stupid name too?

The dub was terrible, and yet I kind of like it. Mostly because it was the same bargain basement operation that did a lot of the Early Shaw Brothers Kung Fu Films. It's like suddenly the Five Deadly Venoms will pop around a corner and then do a bad close-up before challenging Rodimus for the "Power Pack". Then Spike will have to shave his head and train with Alpha Trion (because facial hair=wisdom!) for revenge.

And while we're on the subject, what was with Rodimus pulling a Poochie? "Well, now that Cybertron's a smoking crater, we've gotta make some decisions. I've got the Matrix of Leadership, but I'm gonna take off now because I've suddenly become aware of how lame I am. Fort Max, you're in charge, but I'm not actually going to give you the Matrix, because I've declared war on Consistency, and it was a pain in the ass to get both times. Arcee, you can stay because no one made a figure of you anyway, and Wheelie can just plain fuck off, because we hate him a whole bunch."

Geek rant over.

Ok. There's two answers to your question FB.

1. His toy sucked and the new line of toys was out (which most sucked) and like all characters before him he exited stage right to sell other toys.

2. You'll have to wait for the novel Splintered to be released to find out the real reason. And believe me. It isn't pretty.

And you are right. There's Billy (Blaster), Wally (Blurr), Sparkle (Spike), and another name that I can't for the life of me remember.

Mr. E.???

Don't forget Soundwave, who was became New Soundwave.

The dub is pretty god awful. It sounds like one guy is doing every character voice. And the narrator.

On the plus side, this series has one of my favorite cartoon quotes: "I'll send you express to hell!"

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