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There hasn't been much action on my part in regards to My So-Called Cracky Life and hence the few updates.

There's a Predaking giftset that should be arriving sometime this week. I wasn't going to buy it but an email from Mr. E. convinced me the seller's price was good so I went for it. Saved about $40 over Bigbadtoystore.com and the like so I don't feel too bad.

Also have Masterpiece Ultra Magnus and Robot Masters Lio Convoy w/DVD coming. (It sucks the balls that I'm being a completist on the RM line. Well... I still don't have the overly expensive black magazine exclusives yet.)

Oh, and if the rumors are true and Michael Bay ends up directing the live action Transformers movie my hopes for something kick ass and yet adult accessible have been thrown out the door.

Like the song says...

�Why does Michael Bay get to keep on making movies.
I guess Perl Harbor sucked,
Just a little bit more then I miss you.�


You bought MP Magnus? Gonna open it?

I would buy that toy today if I could also pick up the custom-made armor.

BBTS recently advertised a 15% off sale. I got all excited, then realized they had raised all their prices. Predaking was like $190. Stupid devalued dollars....

Yes. I got him for $99 at JRS Toyworld. BBTS has him at $114 which is kind ridiculous. I got my MP-1 Convoy for $99.

I know doubt will open him since I had planned on having Convoy on one side and Magnus on the other side of the Binaltech shelf acting as "bookends".

The only reason I bought the Predaking reissue that you emailed me on was because of BBTS' outrageous price.

I'm finding much cheaper Alternatives to BBTS where I can. While I do love them, I will always look for value elsewhere.

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