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That Robot Masters #24 Reverse Convoy really looks like a total turd. I mean if it was a G2 "tank" Megatron it'd be ok but the one Convoy (Optimus Prime) head and one Megatron head just makes it look shitastic. I may not buy this one after all.

And what the fuck is up with more repaints of Microns from Takara? 'Mericans bitch about Hasbro having repainted the Spychangers so many times and yet here's Takara, chugging out repaint after stupid repaint of the goddamn microns (minicons) from Micron Densetsu.

And these new ones are just frigg'n white plastic to boot. Not even any actual "re" to go with your "paint" on this one.

Reissue more G1 Micromasters for Hoontsake!!!!

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Gee, nice picture. Nothing makes pure white toys stand out like a faint light-blue background.

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