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Decepticon SoundwaveWhen all is said and done, and the universe as we know it ends (either by natural process or some kind of magic supernatural god-on) the one thing that every being in existence will agree on is that Soundwave kicked an incredible amount of ass.

For those that don't know, Soundwave is the Decepticon that could transform into a walkman, carried a small army of soldiers in his chest who could transform into cassettes, and more or less never failed Megatron or the other 'cons.

He was so beloved by his troops (and no doubt fans) that even after he and Blaster, the Autobot boom box, fought each other to the death, his spark was given a new body and he returned to fight another day.

Now Soundwave was given life on tv by the great Frank Welker. Non-TF geeks will know him best as Freddie Jones from Scooby Doo. But if you stayed and watched movie credits you'd realize that Welker is hired for tons and tons of stuff every year just for his animal noise ability. He is that good!

And in 1984 he gave Soundwave, with the little help of some reverb, a voice that was unlike any other character. Soundwave said little but rarely needed to. He got his point across quite often in less than 6 words.

And this is was this post is all about.

Here are some great examples of Welker's Soundwave in MP3 format:

Example 1: "Free to go... to Cybertron"
Example 2: "Rumble...Laserbeak...Ravage... prepare for battle."
Example 3: "Eject..."
Example 4: "The Autobot jet is afaid to fight."

They are all excellent examples of why Soundwave rocks.

He's so memorable for the lack of words which practically borders on speech impediment for him.

But then, in one episode, they had to go and ruin it.

Here's Soundwave actually trying to say a real full line of dialogue about an Incan Legend.

It makes ya cry.

Oh well.

He still rocks.

As long as he keeps his words to less than 7 or so.


And who could forget this classic from "Carnage in C Minor":

"That was heaven. The most perfect, most beautiful harmony I've ever heard."

Portraying Soundwave had to be murder on Welker's vocal cords.

Ya know. Carnage and C Minor is probably up there with The Star Wars Holiday Special as one of the worst things ever aired on television.

We should watch it one day. And with Matt. I don't think he's seen it since we never really watched much G1 together.

Yes, we should. Maybe Matt can settle the age-old debate about "Carnage": Which is worse, the animation or the story?

WTF. What sort of fascination do the Japanese have with latin american pyramids?

Oh, and anytime you guys want to watch TF, I'm there. As long as there's food, too.

"Carnage in C Minor" is perhaps the worst TF episode of any era. Period. Between the horrid story, the poor animation, and the constant animation errors it is surprising this thing ever made it to final.

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