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Ok. Effective today there has to be a curtailing of crack purchases and a moratorium from Ebay.

Yesterday presented me the opportunity to finally acquire the one exclusive I've wanted for years and later last night I got the other 4 exclusives I'd been trying to get.

Robot Masters Magazine Exclusives

Yup! I got the Robot Masters magazine "black" exclusives of Convoy, Beast Convoy, Beast Megatron, and Starscream for $60 cheaper than what they are retailing for in the online stores. That means I only need to snag the Victory Saber exclusives now and my Robot Masters line will be complete.

And... of course it isn't over yet... I snagged an auction of PVCs that included the non-Chase Deszarus that I needed, Star Saber, Lio Kaiser, a complete Star Convoy, and unfortunately the pewter version of the chase figure Scorponok.

The color Scorponok easily goes for $40+ and I figure this will be one I can repaint so I'll have my own custom Scorponok for about $4. Not ideal but that gap will more or less be closed. (I plan on repainting a clear Soundwave as his reborn Soundblaster persona too.)

So. Yesterday was an expensive night.

And all I can say is thank god the tax refund is coming!!! That is making this possible.

Normally I'd be horribly guilty the following morning after spending so much on plastic crack but these are all figures I need and some of them are figures I've wanted for ages. That Osaka seems to be emitting an anti-guilt/anti-depression aura around me.

So now I can rest for a few months and only need to find Alternator Shockwave and Wheeljack before being inundated with the Cybertron line.

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