More crack. Go figure.


A Chase/Bonus Gold Takara Victory Saber PVC and a Predaking Reissue Giftset have arrived and joined their brethen in the Attic.


"Go figure"? Ha ha.

That gold deco is actually quite appealing. They should have used that instead of the pewter finish. Then at least there would be a tie in to a G1-story, "The Golden Lagoon." Bet they would have been more popular.

I have another lame idea too. Those pewter figures and clear figures would make excellent pieces for a Transformers chess set. Now then, who would be king? or queen?

Assuming we're going with G1,

Decepticons are easy:

Starscream and Megatron as Queen and King.

Generic seekers as the pawns.

Soundwave as the Bishops

Shockwave as the Knights

? as the Rooks

Cybertrons are not so easy:

Optimus and Rodimus as King and Queen? (Going with a theme here... I realize Arcee or Elita 1 would be the obvious choice)

Bumblebee as Rooks

Oh my god. Matt used the Japanese term for the Autobots. Hah!!!

Here's my list.


King - Megatron

Queen - Starscream

Bishops - Soundwave/Shockwave

Knights - (I don't know)

Rooks - little replicas of the Nemesis

Pawns - Reflector clones or Rumble/Frenzy clones


King - Optimus Prime

Queen - Elita-1

Bishops - Prowl/Ironhide

Knights - Hod Rod (his function is "cavalier")

Rooks - little replicas of the Ark

Pawns - Bumblebee clones

What's funny is I think it should be season 1 only but I love Elita-1 in there and Hod Rod due to his function.

Decepticons and Cybertrons sounds better than Decepticons and Autobots. Besides, you know that only the Japanese would create this chess set.

Cybertrons and Destrons.

In Beast Wars they are called Destrongers.

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