More but also frustrated.

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So Takara's MP-2 Ultra Magnus arrived yesterday. I found him online the other day for only $99 and broke down and bought him. Of course I wasn't going to get him since he's just a repaint of the Masterpiece Convoy mold but something about his minimalist white and gray (not that that palette seems to appeal to me or anything) was nice and he and Convoy would make great bookends to the Binaltechs and Alternators. And I guess I had the money to burn too.

Also snagged a Robot Masters #23 Lio Convoy which really has a nice metallic paint job like RM #10. The Convoys, no matter the version, tend to look good accented with the metallic paint.

This post over on shows and advert that implies there will be 5 more Convoys added to the Robot Masters line. And thankfully one of them is God Fire Convoy, my favoritest Convoy of all time.

I can do without another reissue of the godawful "Super Pants" Armada version and even the Power Rangerish Energon one but I am most definitely looking forward to a Beast Machines Beast Convoy.

No Big Convoy though which kind of sucks. He'd have been a nice addition.

I've actually gone a bit overboard on the TFs lately. Especially with winning some auctions that were just plain stupid on my part.

This auction for the original RID Ruination will finally allow me to open one up. I have Rail Racer and Landfill on my RID shelf but needed a Ruination too. (I'd have rather found the Car Robots Baldigus gift set but this'll do.)

And then I fucked up and bought this auction for a Chase Deszarus PVC thinking I had the standard one when in fact I bought the chase figure at OTFCC2004 last year and need the standard one. Grrrr...

I can never seem to win the full color one so I settled for the Chase/Bonus gold Victory Saber PCV from here. Not great but needed.

And then I fucked up again winning this auction only for the chase/limited edition Convoy in Cab/Trailer mode when in fact I also seem to own that one too. I thought I had the shitty clear one but I have both. Grrrr...

What I really need to win is this auction of the 4 magazine exclusive Robot Master repaints that will complete the line. I've currently got it and I'm willing to go a bit more too for these.

Of course, the damn RM Victory Saber exclusive is now shipping.

Grrrr... fucking loser completist.

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