1226 or 1235?


Several of Takara PVCs arrived today to fill the gaps in the collection.

Matt also found a new TF Universe Blastcharge while he was out on a geek run today.

And while entering these new figures into my spreadsheet I realized that I so badly need to do a full audit of the attic.

In an effort to make certain lines more manageable in Excel I pulled some areas out of their lines and gave them their own worksheets. By pulling out the PVCs and the Spychangers it just made it easier since there are so many of these individual groups to keep track of.

But somewhere along the way I've introduced a possible error. Now I was trying to clean up some data that I knew was downright incorrect and so I did move more than just those 2 lines out.

But now, I'm somehow showing total Transformers at 1235 but the manual assignment of new figures I'd been doing for my recent additions reads 1226. Somehow 9 are either real and should be added or phantoms and need to be eliminated.

Ugh. I so don't want to audit this stuff. I'm tending towards the spreadsheet count.


Wow, knowing Matt, he may just find Prowl tomorrow.

Auditing won't be too bad. But we'll have to put on some RID in the background. And have plenty of beverages on hand.

P.S. In regards to your Blastcharge comments, I'd rather have an Astrotrain/Armada Jetfire repaint over Devastator Landfill anyday. Honestly "Landfill" is a very appropriate name for those ugly toys.

I really liked the Devestator repaint from the 'Con.

And Wedge (Build Boy) is one of the best Transformers ever made!

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