Minelba? Excellent Engrish!


Masterforce MinervaI don't know why but no matter what I do I can never ever get a PVC of Masterforce Minerva.

I've taking a liking to the PCV version of this Headmaster Junior from the Japanese series Masterforce but no matter how many I manage to find in auctions I never ever win.

It is like I am cursed to never own one.

Now Minerva, or often butchered into Engrish as Minelba, is the first female Transformers character ever to have a toy made of her.

None of the G1 fembots, even Arcee with all of her screen time in the movie and Seasons 3 and 4, was ever made into a figure.

Hell... if they would have tried it would have been ugly as all hell so I suppose I should be glad they didn't.

But I just want my little Minerva PVC figure that I am destined never to have. Quite frankly my chances of ever acquiring a Minerva PVC are about as likely as me getting a Micromaster Big Daddy.

And those chances? Yup. Balls!


You seriously need some help now. I get a stomach pain every time i think about moving and moving the pvc shelf again.

Which series of the pvc was she from

Not certain which wave.

I think she was in the same one as Goshooter and Metalhawk (who I also need) and I think that was 6 or 7.

It would have been nice if they would has made each wave distinct to a specific series.

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