The Bubonic Plague and good TF rumors...


So I got into the doctor's at 4:20 today and donated 6 large vials of blood to the "What the hell's wrong with Nala?" quest.

They ruled out influenza with this nasal swabbing test.

I've ruled out SARS and am leaning more towards tuberculosis, the Black Plague, or quite possibly a case of "the vapors".

And in other news, the Bird of Eve sent me a link that I somehow missed during today's net geeking that brought a small rush, of what might just well be joy, to my day.

(Hasbro) also mentioned that at the insistance of pretty much everyone involved, Voicebox will NOT be back for the regionization of Galaxy Force. It will be done in a studio in L.A. who already has begun casting. Susan Blu is already involved, but that was the only name the specified.
Some Armada/Energon actors will be back, though a couple have chosen not to sign back on. And we will hear a few familiar voices from previous TF shows as well. Mostly from RiD, with a couple of G1 vets. They're REALLY excited about who they got to play Scourge, but it's a surprise they don't want to get out till the episode actually airs.

After the past several years of Voicebox's shitastic work on the various Transformer shows this is oh so good news.

If the rumor about having Susan Blu involved is true this really sucks the balls of yumminess!!! (Hell, I'd become her personal love whore if she came to voice direct or act in a TF series again. Susan... email me if interested!)

She voice directed the entire run of Beast Wars and if she can bring just a bit of that quality to the dub of Galaxy Force then things are looking good. Mind you, voice dubbing is very different from original voice recording so there's always room for suckitude. But my oh my... did the past 2 shows wallow in voice acting nasty ballsness!

And some G1 and Robots In Disguise voice actors may be returning?

Did I just get a hard on?

I do think that is most definitely a honest to goodness woodie in my Jeans of Love!!!

I would so love to hear Neil Ross, Neil Kaplan, Michael Bell, Rob Paulsen (perhaps a Yakko Warner variation for the mini-con Hop?), Michael McConnohie, the great Corey Burton (how I love your G1 Shockwave), and Peter Spellos doing voices for TFs again.

These guys could turn shit to pure gold.


Now I'm all wet and moist. Sick and sore and in pain yes. But oh so moist!!!


Don't get too excited, it's from They're pretty notorious by now for just making things up and claiming it's a "rumor".

Oh Trixter... don't ruin this for me.

I want to believe!!!

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