So I actually got something done this weekend.

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I managed to actually get stuff done.

Got the bedroom cleaned and the bathtub scrubbed down, came up with 2 new possible designs for that hopefully are in the right direction, and actually got a tiny bit of work done in the attic.

But what to do with the Binaltechs and Alternators.

I was going to split them up and put the mint-in-box ones elsewhere but I kinda of have to use the boxes as a shelf to raise the bots some.

Nala's Alternators and Binaltechs

I do like 'em displayed on the stairwell as you ascend to the Happiest Place on Earth but I really need to get the attic repainted or I'll never be happy.

I want to stain those wood shelves I bought and refinish the wood trim and stairs. And the walls are going to be a tan/beige color up to the stairs. I may go darker but I don't want to make the room smaller.

Nala's Alternators and Binaltechs

So Smokescreen, Dead End (in car mode),Streak, yellow Tracks (in car mode), Meister, Swindle (in jeep mode), and Sideswipe don't look all that bad standing next to Masterpiece Convoy.

Nala's Alternators and Binaltechs

After Convoy we have blue Tracks, blue Tracks w/Reprolabels (in car mode), Hound, Ravage (in car mode), Windcharger, Zoom Zoom (in car mode), Grimlock, and Meister with Reprolabels (in car mode) on the other side.

Nala's Alternators and Binaltechs

One thing bugging me about Ravage is that his black plastic obviously doesn't hold up well during the packaging process. Mine is all scratched up and what isn't so noticeable on the other bots sticks out horribly. They shouldn't have made him a convertible either. It just looks like he's missing his top and not a proper convertible.

Nala's Alternators and Binaltechs

Someday I'll get around to putting my Reprolabels on Hound. These labels really do make the characters look like their 80s equivalents.

Oh well.

All I need are the 2 versions of Shockwave, Binaltech Overdrive (the source for Windcharger), and the 2 versions of Prowl. But none of them have even been released yet.

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