First real ebay problem ever...


So on July 14 I won an auction on Ebay for a Trypticon, a large motorized Decepticon from way back in 1986.

I paid via Paypal within minutes of winning the auction, trying to be a good buyer.

The seller is listed as a "power seller", and had a decent rating, so I didn't hesitate to bid since this is the only kind of info one can go buy.

Two weeks went buy and I hadn't received any package or email. During that two weeks I sent several emails requesting a status of this via the Ebay system. No response from the seller.

On July 27, 13 days after I paid for the item, it still had not arrived and I sent an email via Yahoo account.

I received the following response...

it was shiped us mail some time a couple of weeks ago let me check my records and see if i can find out if my wife sent it ups or if she sent it usmail if it was ups ill see if she has a tracking number sorry i havent checked my email for a whlie ive been trying to catch up i get so much spam its annoy and a wasrte of time any whay ill let you know as soon as i see my wife this evening thanks
Note: The lack of correct grammar, spelling, and even punctuation are exactly as the seller responded.

First off... I paid for an item that the seller sold. I don't need to hear excuses about spam or anything else. Once payment was sent, the seller had the full obligation to complete the transaction per Ebay's Terms of Service.

I didn't hear back from the seller again. I waited patiently as he clearly stated he would get back to me.

Last night, 27 days after I paid for the item, I sent another email stating that nothing had arrived and I was going to request a refund from Paypal.

I got this response this morning...

heres your tracking info sorry my wife went in to labor and there were cop[lications so i wasnt able to respond it shows rescudled for the 12th as pay pal for a refund all you what i can prove it shiped and status of delivery and if you refuse the package well have to see what they what to do from there good luck with pay pal they dont side well if your shiper proves the idem is shiped im willing to go thew thew the hoops mister impactiont
Once again, the lack of correct grammar, spelling, and even punctuation are exactly as the seller responded.

Now previously on July 27 the seller said it had been shipped and all.

Of course, looking up the tracking number that he finally provided to me shows it didn't leave until August 3, 20 days after I paid for the item.

I then get more excuses about a wife going into labor and such.

My favourite is how it ends with the "mister impactiont" part.

Now I ask you my loyal readers... am I out of bounds here in giving somebody several weeks to get to me something I paid for in the middle of July?

I am not the one that didn't respond to 3 emails between July 14 and July 24! I am not the one that didn't do the follow that I said I would do on July 27! I am not the one that implied the item shipped after July 14 when in fact it didn't ship until August 3!

I don't feel even remotely at fault here considering I paid for the item immediately after purchase.

I know there is always a risk of problems with Ebay. I had a minor problem with a G2 Megatron as well, but that seller ended up being much nicer, responsive, and then sending me the item 2-day shipping because it was clearly their fault.

God. If I ever sell stuff on Ebay, I promise I will be organized and clearly get items out within 2 days of payment clearance as well as communicate with the buyer of my crap. I'll also send everything, regardless of size, via UPS so that both I and the buyer have a true way of tracking the package.

I think that is the bare minimum that should be expected of an Ebay seller.


maybe you'll end up getting the baby in the mail instead.

Did you know Trypticon was voiced by Brad Garrett, the brother of the title character on of "Everybody Loves Raymond"? Who knew there was life after Transformers? Not for Orson Welles certainly ; )

Well. You know something. I can hear him in that voice now.

I mean, it isn't like he said more than "Trypticon crush!" once or twice.

Come to think of it, I think he had a few more lines in that horrible Carbombia storyline.

And what the hell are you doing commenting from work??? =)

My new name for you is "Mister Impactiont"

Now I need to learn how to pronouce it. Im-pact-shunt?


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DATE: 08/11/2004 10:34:50 PM
Ah yes, from "Trypticon crush!" to "Tidal Wave smash!" We've come so far.

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