Binaltech Tracks is in da haus! Booyah!

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Binaltech TracksThere's nothing quite like having a totally shitty day at the old Job Of Love and then coming home to packages from Big Bad Toy Store and Amazon sitting on the porch beckoning you to open them.

And all I have to say is Binaltech Tracks is in da haus! Booyah!

Oh. And so is that sure to be shitfest Dune prequel that finally hit the shelves.

Oh Tracks... how I long to open your imported goodness.

Alas, since you found your way to my attic from the islands of Nippon you are not to be opened until your plastic Hasbro blue Tracks brother arrives soon.

Oh. Binaltech and Alternators. How I love thee. Let me count the many ways.

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Oh no -- BT Tracks is Yellow, but Alternator Tracks is Blue? Sad sad... I think 2 Blue Alternators will look bad together on the shelf.

Here's hoping your day is much better today.

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