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Well after waiting for 2 months my KISS Player Autolooper has finally arrived.

Or I suppose you can can him Autorooper, as the Japanese translation puts it.

Pick your favorite and go with it.

Autorooper and Kremzeek

Autolooper comes with one of those lame ass girl figurines and the totally titz awesome Kremzeek.

Autorooper has a great head

Basically, he is a repaint of the Mazda RX8 Binaltech mold previously used for Meister, Vroom-Vroom, and Shockwave.

His head is totally new and is his best feature. It really is kind of one of those old school Transformer heads from the G1 days that didn't have a mouth or real face. You know, I'm talking Stunticon Dead End and Bruticus and the like.


I've got a problem with him. A major one. But I think it is indicative of Takara-Tomy in general with TFs these days.

There isn't a whole helluva lot that they are producing and Autolooper has a real cheap feeling about him.

The plastic just seems to be the cheapest that they could do.

It is kind of sad when you compare him to the Binaltechs, especially Meister and Vroom-Vroom who are solid as a rock.

I feel like he's just so fragile.

Autorooper (with my attempt to put sticker on him)

I was shocked that he, and even Starscream, had stickers. I'm horrible at applying stickers. My manly hands just aren't fine enough to apply the damn thing with any decent alignment.

I did an adequate job I guess, only messing up one or two.

What's sad is the sticker's are on an off-white, not quite translucent base substrate which makes them look like obvious stickers.

You do get lots of options though, with both E.D.C (Earth Defense Command) or the Japanese equivalent to put on him.

Autorooper (with my attempt to put sticker on him)

Overall, he's more of a statue now since he feels so cheaply made.

He's definitely not worth the $60 I paid for him.

I mean, when die-cast Binaltechs cost the same 2-3 years ago they were totally worth it.

Autolooper is more of a unique kinda cheaply made filler figure.

I'm happy I got him since he's more than likely going to be fairly rare.

And hey, I don't have much choice when Hasbro and Takara aren't really making Alternators or Binaltechs anymore.

If he was cheaper I'd buy several of them.

From what I can tell, the Autoloopers are more like foot soldiers for the E.D.C instead of individuals. The sticker sheets even has enough numbers to make each one unique. (I chose #3 after the All-Being-Master-Of-Time-Space-And-Dimension.)

He's got a Cylon vibe too. Giga noticed it before I did.


Nice review ... I'm passing on Autorooper. I much prefer my ShockWave ....

At $20 he'd be totally worth it. They've just made these on the cheap.

That's really disappointing. Especially considering that I found Hot Carlimus (Rodimus) to be of far better quality than Alt. Mirage. I guess they knew that Autowhatever was going to be the end of the line and cheaped out.

Yeah, Hod Rod is a lot better.

You need to scan/photograph the back of the box. That setup with the multiple "centurions" was fantastic.

I'll try to remember to bring that in to work.

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