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Plasticcrack.net and plasticcrack.com are an online blog for Nala's Transformer collection. Naladahc, the World's Most Beloved Polish-American Plastic Crack™ Addict, documents all of the crazy crap with his collection and the location know as The Attic of Love™. This site serves as a voice for utterly useless blabbing about Transformersand other lameness.


privacy on plasticcrack.net

Plasticcrack.net respects your privacy. But one thing you must understand is this is not your site, nor do you pay the bandwidth or hosting charges. So what Nala says goes. There is no first amendment here. It is a democracy-free zone.


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Plasticcrack.net respects your opinions but reserves the right to delete any comments made on this site.

All comments are queued and only approved comments are posted. Some readers have trusted relationships and their comments are posted automatically. The people are indeed special and have no doubt suffered through much mental retardation.

Plasticcrack.net accepts TypeKey authentication for commenting.


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Plasticcrack.net uses Movable Type as blogging software and this will set cookies if you choose to be remembered when commenting. Nala has no access to this information and even if he did he wouldn't know what the hell to do with it.