It's a violent eruption.

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I'm sorry.

I'm so very very sorry.

Botcon just keeps getting better and better and better

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isn't he that bowflex guy?

Man, isn't he the guy that had a table at ...OTFCC 04?

And it basically looked like this the entire weekend?

And their AWESOME BONUS TRACK was basically an instrumental of "Instruments of Destruction" with OH SHIT WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO NOW looped over it?

And "Instruments of Destruction" was really about S&M?


You'd think he would have come up with a better stage name than Ernie Petragelo by now.

If Joe Esposito is added, I'm so there.

I don't know if thats equal or as dumb as the whale-watching their offering. why are they filling it with crap oh and is that the bowflex guy??

The regional/city stuff like the whale watching and last year's distillery trips are fine. That's not Botcon specific really.

It is these barely connected and ridiculous "guests" like this that make it laughable.

I could understand this for the really early Botcons that were more fan managed but these current ones that cost so much to even get to and stay at?

I expected more.

They are either going to hold back with a surprise when we get there or it will indeed be some of the lamest possible connected guests ever.

The surprise will be, after everyone gets their goody bag and leaves to go get "real dinner" -- Welker and Cullen decide to do a live version of The Aristocrats.

Welker telling an Aristocrats joke doing different voices for the different people in the story would be utterly brilliant.

Hoop: OTFCC2004 was the first con I ever went to. I don't really remember all that much about it actually except that I was still a smoker back then and I seem to recall constantly being in need of nicotine.

I've got nothing personal against any of these "guests" but c'mon... from what I've read you have stronger ties to TF geekdom than this guy has.

Yeah, they're REALLY scrimping on the guests this year. I guess they figure Hasbro + Movie = enough. I mean who have they announced? David Kaye, Stan Bush, this clown, and goddamn Mouth04, who would have paid money to go anyfuckingway. Seriously, he's a GUEST? What is he gonna do, tell us about stocking the shelves at Target?

I guess at least the HOW DO I GET INTO VOICE ACTING question will be halfway germane...


I don't know who he is. I gather he's from one of the boards. I so rarely go beyond the front news pages.

Alas, I did post at the Botcon forums today but I really don't know why. I never go in there.

Mouth is the only guy in the fandom who has a bigger ego than mine with even less to back it up. He had a bunch of his Allspark dork friends make a comic book about him, trying to get him cast in the movie. Apparently it was good enough for Activision, who let him be in their videogame (shit, I coulda done THAT).

The main thing that pisses me off about it is that it legitmates the guy. Fuck him.


hoop: why not add mouth04 to the ED articles on transformers fans?

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