So say we all.

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Remember that on this fourth day of the month of purification in the year two-thousand nine, that Andres Lopez was blessed by Naladahc officially as Aendrel, The Internet's Most Beloved Mexican Transformers Blogger™ with all privileges therein implied and so forth.

So say we all?

So say we all.

If I remember right, I think you get one free handjob from that guy that runs Fun Pubs if you attend Botcon now.

I may be wrong though.


Amen, Master.

And it is Andres Lopez, BTW.

But its ok. I mean, a great honor and all.

I may be attending Botcon just to check tre privileges. Just for the record.


Wonders how he can get a similar designation from a Canadian perspective. And if he can get it without the complementary handjob.

Yeah, man, that guy's creepy.

Wow! That's why I make the statment earlier. If I attend Botcon this year (that would be awesome), it would be because of the freebies and the shopping spree. I'm really not interested on the Fun Pubs handjob honestly. But, thanks for the interest...LOL.

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