Grandpa Adama?

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I was just thinking some crazy ass shit.

Wouldn't it be something if the final unknown Cylon was "not in the fleet" because they'd died previously.

I'll be screaming all over Clintonville tomorrow night if it ends up being Admiral Cain.

That would definitely fit my definition of crazy ass shit.

Or hell... even Ellen Tighe!

Then again, it all comes back to somebody we've never seen before.

I'm wondering what the Vegas odds are for this.

Hell... damn thing could even be the baby in the opera house from way back when.

We only were given enough info to assume it was Hera right?

Throw in the explanation of Caprica-6 In Baltar's Head and also Baltar In Caprica 6's Head and the fact that Caprica-6 is supposedly pregnant by Colonel Tighe and you gots even more bad crazy shit that may or may not come into play.

Goddamn it Moore... you've got me geeking hard on this crap again!


I don't think it could be Gramps Adama. I saw some clip from the SDComicCon 2008 panel of Moore, and he said something to the effect that the 5th Cylon is someone we've seen....ohhh..wait a minute--we HAVE SEEN the baby!

Damn...good point.

After some hard thinking, Gramps Adama could be the final Cylon. Wayyyy back when (Season 2.5?), Kara was interrogating Leoben and he whispered to her that "Adama is a Cylon,"

Orrr like many other things, they just might never explain that one.

Nah! The Cyclons didn't know who the final 5 were.

And Grampa Adama was sorta just a joke. In Razor we see the first Cylon experiments for humans and Grampa Adama was likely already in his 40s or 50s.

Though he'll be appearing soon in the new Caprica spinoff!

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