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Force Commander

Ah. Force Commander.

Much like Baron Karza, his toy is pretty mediocre but oh, what a great tragic character Prince Argon was, as depicted in The Micronauts comic.

Thankfully, this toy is complete even including the styrofoam insert.

And he's white. He hasn't yellowed much which is a major plus.

Force Commander

Both he and Karza's magno balls are solid. That's the gimmick of these guys: they are held together by magnets!

Micronauts #11

I definitely need to get spend quality time getting the comics up and reviewed.

Honestly kids, if I had the money, I would do everything I could to both by the trademarks and rights to the Micronauts including everything owned by Marvel.

Hell, I'd pay the estate of Bill Mantlo with whatever I could as compensation for using the brilliant characters he created and animate the series as he wrote it.

Believe me! It would make a fantastic mini-series!

Hell. With CGI today, you could totally realistically create the Microverse, Homeworld, Spartak, the Acroyear race, and so many other wonderful ideas that litter the comic.

Oh. Force Commander.

I need to "body bank" you and bond you to your horse.

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I have no idea what the heck this series was about ... I'm guessing some adventurers at the sub-atomic/microscopic level??

Should probably check Wikipedia ...

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