Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream

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Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream

Yeah. I finally opened the old $80 bugger today.

I won't lie. Out of all of the movie figures... this damn protoform figures have actually proven to be the ones I like best of all... with the black Incinerator thrown in there too.

He's just not... Starscream.

Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream

He works a helluva lot better if you think of him as say a protoform Insecticon or something.

I mean, it isn't like Starscream did anything or remotely actually had any character in the film at all. He's about as characterless as any body else in that dreck of a film.

But I digress.

Takara really did a top notch job taking a somewhat lackluster Hasbro figure and turning it into something really special. They often do don't they?

Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream

The reds and oranges, implying burning in the atmosphere upon entry and obviously "fustion clustering" make the figure. Where he is painted with blacks and the orange flaminess on his "chest" it serves to accent the figure and not detract at all from him.

Fusion Cluster Protoform Starscream

Should you snag one... even at $80?

That's a hard one.

I wanted them and well, I've been known to waste money on gay robots so it wouldn't be unexpected to find him in the Crack Den.

But if you liked the Hasbro goldeny-reddish solid version, you'll cream you skivvies masturbating to this one's $80 translucenty goodness.

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Nice pics. I kind of regret passing on both TF movie protoforms when they were initially released. Now thanks to your post, I kinda want Starscream ... kinda. I still think the Optimus Prime mold looks like a giant sperm.

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