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I gotta admit I find it funny that every time a G1ish Starscream is done someone or group has to produce what has become the mandatory "crown" accessories.

It looks damn good actually, especially given Masterpiece Starscream's posability.

But ya know, there's zero difference between Starscream's crown and cape and Barbie's Dreamhouse and/or assorted other accessories.

I so long for the days of G1 Transformers commercials with the kids playing with the toys.

I can imagine the commercial for Masterpiece Starscream done in the old style with a little boy dressing up his Masterpiece Starscream doll in crown and cape while making "battle" noises all while Peter Cullen or Frank Welker do a voice over.

Think of the possibilities with accessories for the Starscream doll too?

All those TF chicks with their Starscream infatuations can now make him the true lover of Barbie even though we all know Starscream is totally faggier than Tracks!

And with your Masterpiece Starscream and Megatrons and a special not-yet-released "upgrade kit", you too can reenact all kinds of TF fan art!!!

Who's the top? Who's the bottom?

You can use your own imagination!!!


When you scrape away the Sci-Fi trappings and then "action figure" angle all we are left with is a bunch of dolls.


Dolls that turn into other forms.


Transformers = Almost Barbie.

You all buy Almost Barbies!!!

You can't deny it!!!

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But the thing I don't get is that Screamer wore this get-up for all of like 2 seconds before he got vaporised - but they still constantly have these regal tie-ins whenever it's got to do with Screamer (ie. Cybertron & now Masterpiece) You reckon we'll see an animated crown/cape next? 10 to 1 it'll be a GRC thing; I can just sense it

Frankly, as crazy as Japan is about it's properties sometimes, I'm surprised we haven't had a short OAV style program from them that put the Transformers in a crazy high school romance zany setting. They could all be chibis and maybe make most of them girls for the love triangle as they all love Optimus Prime but Prime's such a clutz he doesn't realize it.

Pulse: You know that if they can, they'll somehow homage that in Animated.

RJ: No shit. But there's always the future...

For once I actually don't agree with you Nala.
If you said Marvel Legends or 12'' Medicom toys I would totally agree with you. But...Transformers? No way. They got too much going on for them and they have too many details and intricacies to be robot Barbies.

Cloth Outfits = Barbie.

Are you sure you don't mean that Barbie is an action figure for girls?

Seriously though, they parallel - because one of the chief pastimes of kids, irregardless of gender, is to act out their imaginations with appropriately-sized playing pieces.

I will say though: forget about Barbie. Cheap and poorly produced. If you want to talk about a toyline with an equivalent level of engineering and thought, then think Jem. ^_^

If tomorrow Mattel were to announce a new line of transforming car barbies called Carbies, by the end of the day there would be ten thousand Carbies message boards, 200 Carbies slashfic sites and DeviantArt would just say fuck it, let's change our name to


You, sir, are a genius. fails to address the ridiculous amount of Sonic and Naruto blowjobs also being drawn at an alarming rate.

Or Ray Jones and his Rescue Rangers/Dr. Doom crossover.

Man, you find the weirdest schtuff on the internet. Frowny, I mean, not "you" as in "people in general."

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