I should sponsor a prize for a custom Big Daddy!

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Pulse sent me a link to this custom Fortress Maximus done out of a Cybertron Metroplex

Damn fine!

Even has a Master Sword!

And speaking of customs, the All-Mighty God of Customization and Purtification, Jin Saotome, has done a Cyclonus out of the smaller Energon Megatron and Energon Night Boat!


I think he deserves his own special panel at Botcon in called "Why my customs totally kick your ass."

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What more can I say?
- They kick ass.
- Hasbro should hire them.
- I want :)
- Where are the Classics Series 2 toys?

The best/worst part of these customs. They show how much of a better toy Hasbro could make with a little retool on some older molds. Sure it's not a simple paint swap or even just a head remold but it's still got to be cheaper than a total new toy.

Jin's Cyclonus is the balls, but the Galvatron standing next to him in the photo is even cooler, IMO.

Holy amazing customs Batman!!!
Very impressive.

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